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In order to further advance our training concept and provide more and more children and young people with practical training, we are trying to expand our network. Let us pursue the goal of a sustainable future together and prepare our next generation for the challenges of tomorrow in the best possible way.

Be part of it, because learning should last a lifetime! Let’s do it!

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Thanks to these partners, we jointly facilitate events and workshops.

Universities, Colleges and Schools

We are networked nationally and internationally with educational institutions and are leading Education 4.0.

Voices from the network

It is very important that we connect with each other in a global world. The SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON is a highlight project with participants from all over the world. Together with the Gerda Stetter Foundation we are initializing further SMART & GREEN Projects to secure Young Talents of the future for the Island and the whole world.

Nayra Carmen Moreno Morales

Manager of the Sergio Alonso Foundation

It is to be hoped that the decision-makers of today have derived their insights from the events of the most recent past and have aligned the orientation for the future of the following generation of engineers/masters and managers in the right direction.

Stefan Lorenz

Sales Manager Southern Bavaria
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

I’m always particularly amazed at how highly self-motivated the students are and the resulting willingness to perform in order to complete their project on time. The strategy of the Gerda Stetter Foundation of creating enthusiasm and motivation with cool hands-on projects is exactly the right way to reach children, teenagers and young adults.

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Haberstroh

Head of Education Network
B&R Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

Mechanical engineering is changing – Industrie 4.0 and digitalization require a rethink in the area of development methods and processes. There is a need for forward thinkers in Germany and Austria like Dr. Rainer Stetter, who bring a breath of fresh air to partially encrusted structures and inspire young people for technology.

Philipp H. F. Wallner

Industry Manager
The MathWorks GmbH

With our university initiative “Young Engineers Support”, we support students and lecturers with our products and financial resources. At the SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON, we can enter into direct dialog with the students. It is exciting to see how our low cost automation products can be used in sustainable solutions.

Alexander Mühlens

Head of Automation Technology
igus GmbH

In our own transformation from a classic manufacturing company to an awarded pioneer for Industry 4.0, it was and is essential to have found a strong partner in ITQ. ITQ’s core competences and the mission of the Gerda Stetter Foundation are more important than ever.

Wilhelm Mauß

Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG

The annual ITQ Makeathon events are a motivation for Optima students. The appeal of developing something “new and exciting” in teams and being able to contribute to certain topics of the future spurs the newcomers on to top performance and sparks creativity.

Nilüfer Dalman

Human Resources Development
OPTIMA packaging group GmbH

Together with Dr. Rainer Stetter, we launched a decentralized MAKEATHON, which everyone involved was very enthusiastic about. Without his know-how and great commitment from his team, this would never have been possible.

Martin Buchwitz

Managing Director
Packaging Valley Germany e.V.

Currently, we need “makers” more than ever. In our society and at the SMART GREEN ISLAND MAKEATHON, these are the very people who are being ideally challenged and promoted. It is inspiring to see international individuals become energetic, multicultural teams that see, analyze and solve problems together at this event.

Andreas Manseder

Technical Manager
Middle Class Academy Bavaria
Technical Academy Bavaria


The Gerda Stetter Foundation – Technik macht Spaß! needs strong partners who would like to get involved in helping young people with an affinity for technology. Send us a message and together we will find a way to improve the education of our youth.

Or support us financially with a donation and make many more educational measures possible.